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Premium Products, Inc. was founded in 1985 to create, manufacture and distribute high quality products mainly in the field of sporting goods. Five of Mr. Spiegel's products were actively marketed by Premium Products, Inc. for many years. The GROUND ZERO® 1 tee, the GROUND ZERO® 2 tee, the GROUND ZERO ONSIDE® tee, the TOE-TAL® tee, and the TRIPLEX® STEALTH® tee were distributed for Premium Products, Inc. by Champion Sports. The tee business was sold to Champion Sports in 2015. The GROUND ZERO® 1 tee consists of a one-inch kickoff tee manufactured in the color black and which was used in the 1999-2000 NFL season by 28 out of 31 teams, and since then by every NFL team. This tee has been featured in every Super Bowl and Pro Bowl since 1999, in movies including "On Any Given Sunday" starring Al Pacino, and in advertising including an introductory piece preliminary to Super Bowl XXXIV featuring Tiger Woods and Kirk and Michael Douglas. The GROUND ZERO® 2 tee is the two-inch version of the GROUND ZERO® 1 tee. The GROUND ZERO ONSIDE® tee includes the ball recovery recess of the GROUND ZERO® 1 and 2 tees as well as a notch to support the ball for onside kicks. The TRIPLEX® STEALTH® tee is made of an attractive translucent green color and adds a squib kick recess. The TOE-TAL® tee is a four-in-one tee including two kickoff tees and two field goal blocks that are legal in high school play. The GROUND ZERO® ONSIDE™ tee was introduced in 2004.  The tees may be viewed in web sites including those at WWW.4-TEES.COM, WWW.PROKICKER.COM, and WWW.WIZARDKICKING.COM.

Mr. Spiegel's five panel football invention was marketed by Premium Products, Inc.'s exclusive licensee Rawlings Sporting Goods, Inc. The football was sold in several versions including those made of Horween leather and various composite leather simulating materials.

GROUND ZERO, GROUND ZERO ONSIDE, TOE-TAL, TRIPLEX, STEALTH, and PENTA are registered trademarks owned by Champion Sports.

Premium Products, Inc. is the owner of numerous Trademarks. A list of these Trademarks may be accessed in the Website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at WWW.USPTO.GOV. Go to the Trademark text and image database and its Boolean search. Enter the following terms: Select database: Both; Term 1: Premium; Field 1: Owner name; Term 2: Virginia; Field 2: Owner address.

The Lapster® pet drinking bowl was invented by Mr. Spiegel in the 2000s and is being actively marketed. It may be viewed at
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